Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Fun Wishlist

At a time of year when we often think of gifts and gift-giving, I thought it'd be fun to throw together an 'Amazon wishlist' of sorts!
These are things that I think are cool, seem fun to use, and a couple things I hope to one day buy.
I am using affiliate links so if you do buy through these links, I get a small percentage.

Silhouette Cameo!
This is on sale right now (on for $244.99.
(It comes with a starter kit).
I think it'd be such a fun tool to use for making custom shirts/clothes, and various other crafty items.

I love this and am hoping for a Boxing Day deal.
It's supposed to be my Christmas gift, but I didn't want to pay full price, so I'm waiting patiently.
I know--I should have bought it on the Black Friday sale, but I didn't think of it.

3/4" Button-hole Elastic!
This is more of a non-reusable item, but this is one of the elastics I could definitely use in my sewing supply stash. It's one of the only 'missing' ones.

Metric Pattern Cutting!
One day, when I have time, I'd love to learn more about pattern-making for clothing!
I've heard this is a great book for it.

And, while we're onto books:

As an often tired Mama, either of these two books on motherhood (by Gloria Furman) look like a great addition to my library!

Ok, this one is on my husband's wishlist--it's only available as a pre-order yet, but I'm excited to buy it for his late Christmas gift! 

I could go on and on because who doesn't need more sewing notions or books, but I'll leave it at that for now!
What is on your wishlist?

Monday, November 7, 2016

Zebra Hudsons

These have been dubbed 'Zebra Pants' by my family. 
They are actually the Hudson Pants by True Bias.

This is the first time I've sewn with a double brushed poly.
It's super soft, but not quite as warm as the brushed poly I used for my daughter's dress
It was bought off a new shop on Facebook--Blended Thread Fabrics.
This shop has a sale every couple of weeks and sells a number of double brushed polys, sweater knits, french terry, and a couple of cotton lycra prints.  

These joggers are super comfy, and I love the details of the drawstring, elastic waistband, and the detail on the pockets. 
I do wonder if they are a little too snug like leggings, though it may be the fabric choice.
I also need to figure out what kind of shoes to pair them with.
The runners I wore for the pictures, I cropped out because they look goofy. 

Friday, November 4, 2016

Dashing Vest in French Terry

I had the opportunity to try out some fabric from Water Tower Textiles, a new Canadian fabric shop. 
Now, so you know, I did receive the fabric for free in exchange for a review, be it good or bad. 
This is my own honest opinion of the fabric. 

One of my sons likes to layer his clothes and will often be wearing two shirts. 
I thought it'd be a good time to sew him a vest so he can layer a little more stylishly.
I chose the Dashing Vest (a FREE! pattern) from Love Notions. (affiliate links)

It's a quick sew in a wide range of sizes: 12 months to 14! 
Snaps make it even faster. 
I debated putting buttons or snaps on it and then finally asked my son what he'd prefer...snaps it was. 

The fabric I used is from Water Tower Textiles.
The fabric washes up nice the first wash. I have to see how it holds up to a large number of washings yet, to give it a fair review. 
The ribbing comes in a tube, and I did have to piece the ribbing together in the back to get the right length for the neckline/front for the size 7. 
The French Terry is warm and soft--perfect for a fall day. 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Uptown Downtown in Brushed Poly

I had the opportunity to try out some fabric from Water Tower Textiles, a new Canadian fabric shop. 
Now, so you know, I did receive the fabric for free in exchange for a review, be it good or bad. 
This is my own honest opinion of the fabric. 

I chose to review the Fuchsia Brushed Poly. 
I had never sewn with brushed poly before and was absolutely thrilled with how soft the brushed side is! 
The fabric is perfect for fall or winter clothes as it's so cozy. 
My daughter was not cold at all when we went out in the chilly morning to take these pictures--she kept telling me how warm this dress was. 
The brushed poly washed up quite well with minimal shrinkage--between 1/2" to an 1" of shrinkage on a piece approximately 62" long. 

A downside to sewing with brushed poly is that you don't want to make mistakes while sewing.
It's so pillowy that the stitches are quite difficult to take out--especially when you use a triple stretch stitch. My poor fingers took the brunt of my seam ripper. 
(I think that is a downside to any thicker, soft fabric, so definitely not limited to the brushed poly!) 
I also do not know how it will hold up as it gets washed over and over again. 

Overall I'm happy with the fabric and would buy brushed poly again--especially for warm clothing.

The pattern is the Girl's Uptown Downtown Dress by Sew Straight and Gather in a maxi length with the cowl add-on and the long sleeves.
I sewed up the size 5 with added length. 
The sleeves are a little more snug than I hoped they'd be, and I may size up to a size 6 overall next time, though that's just personal preference, as the dress is meant to be snug and fitted. 
I also did not hem the sleeves as that would make them even more constraining, especially when putting the dress on. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sew Snappy

A couple of months ago, I had the great opportunity to test and proofread a pattern in the book 'Sew Snappy.'
It is a translation of the Dutch book 'Zo Geknipt' which I've tried getting, but it is out of print. 
So, when the opportunity came to test and proofread the English translation, I was thrilled! 

I only tested one pattern in the book--the Swim Bag, but I'm pretty thrilled with how it turned out.
It has actually become my purse/diaper bag since I don't need a huge diaper bag right now. 

The step by step instructions are clear and where there is any possible confusion, the pictures clear that up. 
I used regular cotton for the lining instead of a water resistant one, as I wasn't going to use it as an actual swim bag. 
The outer fabrics are also a cotton for the top and pocket, and Essex linen for the bottom. 

It's now available at Amazon so make sure to get your copy! 
It comes as a PDF/E-book and as a regular book. 
Both versions have pattern pieces included where needed. 

There are a number of fun, quick projects in the book--great for gift-giving! 

It is available on Amazon (affiliate links):



Saturday, October 1, 2016

Caroline Dress V.2, a Sale, and a Giveaway!

(This post contains affiliate links! Thank-you for using them and supporting my sewing addiction in this way!) 
Quite some time ago, I posted about V. 1 of the Caroline Dress.
I had good intentions of following that post up rather quickly with this post.
But, with my lack of energy this pregnancy, I've had little desire to write up a post.
You should see how many drafts and pictures I have yet for other posts.
Either way, here is my second version of Mouse House Creations' Caroline Party Dress.
I made it the same time as V.1. My daughter was growing out of her clothes and was somewhat jealous of her older sister's twirly dresses.
So, I quickly whipped up these two dresses.
The fabric for this dress I received from a friend. It's an older quilting cotton but it has stood up very well to the wear and tear of a toddler.
I again did the modification for snaps on the back, just because I figured it'd be easier to quickly dress her with snaps rather than trying to zip it up without getting her hair or skin caught.
Oh, and have you heard about the sale and giveaway happening over on my Facebook page?
Use the code JUSTBECAUSE in my Etsy shop for 30% off.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Inspired by Gracious Threads

This outfit is in large part thanks to Jess from Gracious Threads.
First of all, the Maple Skirt is her pattern, and I was extra tempted to sew it when there was a great prize to be won in her sew along
The grey fabric is from Fabricland that I bought over a year ago--it's been in my stash waiting for a pattern like this. It has a slight stretch to it. 
The buttons are from the thrift shop. 
For the top stitching, I used two threads in my needle to really make it stand out, and I love the results. I will be using that technique again! 

Second, the fabric for the shirt I received from Jess when she was destashing.
It's a cotton knit--not great recovery but I couldn't resist making a shirt out of it--neckband included. 
The pattern for the shirt is from Greenstyle--the Easy Options T-shirt.
I find the sleeves a little short on my daughter, so I think I'd lengthen them a bit next time, but I love the slight flare of the sleeve. 

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