Tuesday, May 23, 2017

More of Caroline

If you haven't noticed yet, I absolutely love to sew up the Caroline Party Dress as baby gifts. 
It's a quick, easy to sew pattern and so easy to modify as well. 

I made some little mods on this one. 
I added the strip of pink as a layer between the bodice and the skirt and then also added the pink at the bottom to tie it all in. 
(The real reason was not quite enough of the floral fabric to make the right length, but I love how it turned out!) 
Again, because it's for a baby, I added easy to close snaps on the back instead of an invisible zipper. 

Friday, May 5, 2017

Elsa Times Two

Last time I mentioned how my boys love Star Wars.
My girls are a little late to the Frozen party but they've joined.
My oldest daughter chose this Elsa fabric from Fabric.com and when I was sent extra because it was the end of the bolt, I was able to squeeze two dresses out of it! 

I chose to use the Maggie Mae Dress pattern by Shwin and Shwin. 
It is still one of my favourite quick dresses for older girls. I like the curve in the bodice and the color blocking opportunities! 

The pink fabric was a bonus from someone on a destash site--I had ordered a number of prints from her and she threw in this extra. I love how it adds the pop of color.
And, my girls were thrilled to match in their Elsa dresses! 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Star Wars!

My boys all love Star Wars. 
They make light sabers out of any stick they find, they dress up as Darth Vader or Storm Troopers, and they conquer each other with the 'force pinch.' 

When they saw that there was such a thing as Star Wars fabric there were many requests for some.
It is hard to find in Canada so when I found some on Fabric.com, I asked friends of ours to pick it up for me in the US to save on shipping. 
The boys each picked their own fabric and chose whether to have a t-shirt type shirt or a button-up. 
My youngest wasn't too picky--he was happy with a woven-front raglan.

My oldest wanted patches on his arms to showcase the fabric even more. 
And, my second wanted a button-up. 

The patterns I used were the Rascal Raglan from Ottobre 4/2013 modified to not have sleeve cuffs (I know, I could have made the oldest's a little longer in the sleeves, but I can always add the cuffs yet), and the Offbeat Oxford from New Horizons. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Show Your Stoff Blog Tour

(This post contains affiliate links! Clicking and then buying through these links gives me a percentage of the sale. Thank-you for using them!) 

Welcome to my stop on the Show Your Stoff Blog Tour! 
I'm excited to be sharing what I sewed up from the Zierstoff Sewing Patterns.
This is a new to me pattern shop, and it's always fun to try a new designer--especially a European one. 
These patterns are all translated from German. 
One thing that is different than other patterns I've tried is with taping these together. 
You have to tape the pages edge-to-edge...no overlapping. 
I'm not sure I like it as much as overlapping as it's harder to fold the master copy of the pattern. 
But, that is a minor--the pieces all fit nicely together and the end result fits nicely. 

I chose the Nicki Capris.
They come in two versions--knit and woven. 
I made the woven version with woven cuffs and waistband. 

The fun thing is that they actually fit under my 35 week pregnant belly! 
I'd only recommend these for maternity if you don't mind wearing your pants under your belly rather than over. Or if you generally can--I know every woman has a different pregnant belly.

I'm really looking forward to Spring and Summer when I can actually wear these outside. 
They are very comfy and I'm sure the knit ones would be even more so just because of the softness of a knit fabric. 

Make sure to check out all the other stops on the Show Your Stoff Blog Tour! 

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Monday, March 6, 2017

Rock 'n Romance--a Lap Quilt

 When the Rock 'n Romance line came out from Art Gallery Fabrics (designed by Pat Bravo) I absolutely loved it. 
I knew I wanted to buy the line. 
And, I knew I wanted to make something lasting out of it--a quilt. 
So a number of years ago, I ordered one colorway of the line and some coordinating prints to complement it from Hawthorne Threads. 

I ended up using the 4-Patch Slice Quilt Pattern.
The total size is about 47"x 58".

This is the first time I've made a quilt out of actual quilt blocks and not just randomly throwing things together. 

I ended up quilting it with free motion quilting. 
I'll admit I was super nervous to start quilting it. 
I've only done small quilts and this was to be my own lap quilt and I have a tendency of 'inspecting' things such as seams, quilting, and any stitching in almost anything.
I wanted perfection. 
But, it's not perfect and I think I'm okay with that as it's hard to tell unless you really inspect it. 

I used my favorite fabrics from the line for the backing. 
I just pieced them together--there's a pink 'border' on both sides of the grey. 

And, lastly a close-up of the binding and a bit of the quilting. 
(The lighting in this picture is pretty bad, so the colors are not as true on this picture.) 
The binding I attached by machine--I do not have the patience to do it by hand and I know it won't be done as tidily as when I do it by machine. 
It might not be the official or time-honored way of doing things but I love the quicker finish and the look of it as well (as long as you are very careful to stitch in the ditch on the front and just catch the binding in the back.) 

I'm already dreaming of doing another quilt, but we'll have to see when that happens! 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Suburban Minnie

My youngest daughter absolutely loves Minnie Mouse so when I saw someone destashing some Minnie Mouse knit, I knew it'd make the perfect shirt for her. 

For the pattern, I used the 
(affiliate links) 
in size 2 with two inches added. 
My kids are usually quite slim. 
I love this pattern as it works for both my boys and girls and it has options for long, short or combined sleeves. 
It also comes in sizes 6m to 10, so a good size range. 

Now, if anyone has any pointers for taking pictures of a two-year old who wants to look at the picture before the picture is taken....

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Caroline Party Dress for Babies

I've been whipping out Caroline Party Dresses like they're going out of style. 
A friend ordered two of them and the third is for a brand new niece.

First up are two size 12 month dresses. 

Next is a size 6 month for my niece. 
I find they make great baby gifts as they are pretty quick to sew up and what baby can't use more dresses?

I again modified them all with snaps as it's much easier to dress a baby with snaps rather than a zipper. 
I'm always afraid the zipper will catch their skin.
To do this mod, I again added about 3/8" to each center back and sewed that shut as I sewed around the neck and armholes. 
A super simple modification! 

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